70 years of excellence at I-D Foods

Monday December 10th, 2018, 2:46 PM

I-D Foods started from humble beginnings back in 1948 when it was founded by Henry Gamer in Montréal. Starting out life as Imported Delicacies the company was one of the first to begin importing foods from Europe after the war. The very first product ever brought over by Imported Delicacies was Bahlsen biscuits from Germany – still a prominent brand in the company’s fine European biscuits category today.

Philip Issenman purchased Imported Delicacies in 1971 and between 1975 and 1987 continued to acquire add food industry companies to the ever-growing entity, which in 1977 would be reborn into I-D Foods Corporation. By 1988 the newly conglomerated I-D Foods Corporation had an impressive reach across central and western Canada and would continue to gain additional branches heading east until 1990. Today I-D Foods is one of Canada’s largest imported specialty food distribution companies.

Today I-D Foods has over 275 team members in its coast-to-coast offices and over 60 brands in its portfolio including Maille Dijon mustard, which it began distributing over 60 years ago in Canada. I-D Foods is poised for the next 70 years with its commitment to being best-in class by serving both its suppliers and retail partners as well as focusing on muscle building within the team.

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