Our culture

Our culture can be summed up by one word: Passion. We are passionate about what we do and driven to exceed expectations. Our people also have a passion for food...and it shows!


A word from our president

At I-D Foods we work hard each day to professionally represent all our food suppliers while operating in our industry’s highly competitive retail environment. My company associates and I are proud to work alongside our valued suppliers and their organizations.

Our aim is to execute as a “best in class” distributor of imported and specialty food products. Together we want to satisfy our consumer’s appetite while delivering on their rapidly changing expectations.

Looking forward, I invite you to review our Mission-Vision-Values statement and hope that it acts as a beacon for you about how we guide ourselves with our important stakeholders: the suppliers we represent, our retail customers and our valued employees.

Best regards,

Philip Issenman, Chairman & President



At I-D Foods we are passionate about our role as coast-to-coast distributor of food products and want to be recognized as "best in class". These are the building blocks of our DNA as a company, it is who we are, the reason we exist and what guides us every day in what we strive to do.


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