Sales & Promotion

The I-D Foods approach leads to a successful presence in-store: products get in and get noticed! Our dedicated team of Key Account Managers and Sales Representatives work with you to maximize your product's distribution all the while creating an impactful presence in-store.


Our national sales team

I-D Foods has business centers in every major Canadian city: Montréal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, while offering our clients a single point of contact.

Our team of seasoned sales professionals is comprised of Key Account Managers, Sales Representatives and Merchandisers.


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Across all Channels

Our national sales footprint services all retail accounts across the country in grocery, mass, clubs, wholesale, convenience, drug and independent channels.

Excellent Relationships with Retailers

Our Key Account Managers work closely with retailers’ head office teams on a daily basis to get your products listed and to maximize their visibility in-store. At store-level, our Sales Representatives and Merchandisers maintain excellent ties with store managers thanks to longstanding relationships and personalized service.

In-store Execution

Thanks to regular store visits and their tireless dedication, our Sales Representatives negotiate secondary locations with store managers through placement of floor displays. With our Merchandisers, they build thematics and ensure your promotions and marketing activations are perfectly executed in-store.

High Performance Retail Implementation

Our sales and promotions team implements the strategies outlined by the Brand Manager at retail level while maintaining close contact with them to continuously optimize its performance. Together, they ensure a 360˚ integrated marketing strategy.

Key Account Managers

Our Key Account Managers work closely with the retail chain buyers to get your products listed. They present products, negotiate listings, product placement and promotional activities to ensure and maximize sales growth. Their exemplary business development skills ensure the national coverage of your brand across all major channels.

They are assigned to specific retail accounts, which makes them fully aware of the workings and procedures of their respective banners. They foster strong relationships with key players, making them an indispensable asset in getting your products in the hands of consumers.


Sales Representatives and Merchandisers

Our Sales Representatives and Merchandisers, some boasting over 30 years of experience and expertise, provide excellent service to our retail customers. Thanks to regular store visits, they can ensure your displays are clean, visible and well-stocked at all times.

Our Sales Representatives and Merchandisers are responsible for the execution of marketing and promotional activations at store-level.


In-store Impact

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