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A little Dash. A lot of flavor.

  • Founded in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana, still family owned & operated
  • Labeled in 22 languages, sold in over 180 countries, put on restaurant tables around the globe
  • The most famous, most preferred pepper sauce in the world
  • 6 Flavours of deliciousness, from mild to wild, there‚Äôs something for everyone

Tealia Teas

Premium Artisan Teas

  • Tealia brings you the finest tea blends form around the worlds. Each ingredient is hand selected to create teas that are both delicious and beautiful, as you watch them brew. For our classic Ceylon Black Tea to our whimsical Raspberry Truffle, we believe a simple cup of tea is the first step in a sweet journey of relaxation.




The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer Co.

Spicy Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer

  • With origins rooted in England, Gingerbeer was very popular in the mid 1700s
  • Distinct, spicy ginger taste with notes of citrus give these products a truly refreshing zest
  • This non-alcoholic beverage is a unique taste experience for the whole family
  • Naturally flavoured with dry ginger root extract, Ginger beer is excellent on its own, served cold, or on ice.
  • It also gives a bright, spicy kick to mixed drinks!
  • Try it with beer to make a delicious SHANDY, with dark rum for a PERFECT STORM or with vodka for a MOSCOW MULE.




Premium Couscous

  • Tipiak is the # 1 Couscous from France.
  • Made from premium Durum Wheat.
  • This traditional dish of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia has become extremely poplular in Europe and now, North America





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