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Aroma Del Mediterraneo

Fine Mediterranean Products

  • A range of premium products inspired by magnificent flavours from the Mediterranean
  • Nuts and Peanuts are not present in manufacturing facilities
  • Other than wheat, products contain Soy and Flax seeds



Colavita Pasta

Pasta Products

  • A family tradition from the fields of Molise
  • Made from 100% Italian Durum Wheat
  • Fundamental components of the Mediterranean diet available in a variety of cuts for all your favorite dishes





Delverde; Authentic Italian Pasta

  • Made with the finest ingredients; best durum wheat and spring water from the Majella Mountain
  • manufactured with old-fashioned techniques, using classic bronze dies and slow drying process.
  • Buon Apetito !





Authentic Chinese Noodles

  • Canadian family business since 1950
  • High quality and great tasting authentic chinese noodles.
  • Add to Soups, Stir Frys or Snacks




Rice Vermicelli

  • Asian inspired products
  • Offers many culinary opportunities
  • Perfect for soups, imperial rolls, salads and saut├ęs




Premium Couscous

  • Tipiak is the # 1 Couscous from France.
  • Made from premium Durum Wheat.
  • This traditional dish of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia has become extremely poplular in Europe and now, North America





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