= I-D House Brands


Rice Vermicelli

  • Asian inspired products
  • Offers many culinary opportunities
  • Perfect for soups, imperial rolls, salads and sautés



Higgins & Burke

Premium Tea

  • Higgins and Burke takes great pride in their responsibility to protect the tea workers, have respect for the land and deliver the best quality tea possible.
  • Premium teas that meet or exceed the standards of a variety of social programs.
  • Interesting flavor profiles in both sachet, RealCup™ or EcoCup™ Loose Leaf Tea format
  • Their patented, fully enclosed RealCup Flavour Max Filter™ technology allows more natural oils and aroma to flow into the cup.
  • The EcoCup™, exclusive to Higgins & Burke, is the first eco-conscious recyclable single-serve pod. Simply snap the lid and recyc





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