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Alternative to Coffee and Tea

  • Caffeine free … naturally satisfying !
  • 100% natural, without caffeine, sugar, chemicals or preservatives
  • Caf-Lib offers a wide range of flavourful products to satisfy every taste
  • Caffeine-free Herbal Teas, Original and Earl Grey




Camp Coffee

Coffee and Chicory Essence

  • A thick, black coffee syrup from Scotland
  • For delicious Iced Coffee without leaving home, add one or two tablespoons of Camp Coffee to a chilled glass of milk.
  • For Cocktails, add ice cubes, a dash of Rum or your favorite Liqueur to chilled milk



Cape Cod

Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

  • In business for over 25 years
  • Cape Cod potato chips provide all-natural goodness and fresh flavors with their hand-stirred kettle-cooked chips





BBQ sauces & seasonings

  • Our 25 time International award winning barbecue sauce are perfect as a marinade, BBQ rub, or barbecue glaze for steaks, beef, pork, ribs, chicken and seafood. Our satisfied customers say it best: the magical mix of flavor, texture, heat, and versatility will keep you coming back for more of the Best BBQ sauce in the World !
  • CattleBoyZ sauces use only the finest all-natural ingredients to create a sweet, tangy barbecue sauce with a spicy kick
  • All of our sauces and seasonings are gluten free
  • CattleBoyZ tastes great on vegetables too and our BBQ sauces do not contain additives




Château Thierry

Drink Mixes and Cooking Wines

  • Exotic range of cocktail bases and syrups
  • Easy to use, they enhance your soft drinks or bar choices
  • Martini Splash, Mojito Splash, Bar-Mix Splash, Sangria Splash, Menthe Splash and Grenadine Splash
  • Red, White and Sherry Cooking Wines (Not available in Quebec)
  • Visit our website for more original recipes




Christopher Ranch


  • Christopher Ranch has been in the business of growing heirloom-seed garlic locally at their farm in Gilroy, California for more than 50 years
  • Christopher Ranch products contain only the highest quality, most flavorful, robust garlic available on the market today




Coco Colada

Exotic Beverages

  • Upscale products to remind you of a day at the beach in the tropics!
  • Cream of Coconut, Pina Colada and Coconut Water will definitely please anyone looking for an exotic taste destination



Colavita Olive Oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • The Colavita family have became masters over the years at the delicate craft of "tasting" and "blending"
  • Authentic Extra Virgin Oils from different types of Olives grown in Apulia and nearby regions




Colavita Pasta

Pasta Products

  • A family tradition from the fields of Molise
  • Made from 100% Italian Durum Wheat
  • Fundamental components of the Mediterranean diet available in a variety of cuts for all your favorite dishes




Colavita Vinegar


  • Vinegars with sweet, fruity flavors of Trebbiano grapes
  • In addition to Salad Dressings, try adding Colavita Vinegars to slow-cooked foods like Soups or Beans
  • Use as a deglazing liquid






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Crosse & Blackwell

British Gourmet Sauces and Chutneys

  • Crosse and Blackwell has offered premium gourmet specialities from Great Britain for over 300 years
  • Crosse and Blackwell products reflect a sampling of England’s great culinary influences
  • Exotic flavors, textures and aromas of the world’s most interesting cuisines
  • Traditional Indian favorites such as Chutneys
  • Pub favorites include Fish & Chip Vinegar and Chow Chow Piccalilli and Mint Sauce





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