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Coffee from Africa

  • From Farm to Cup



Brio Sei Bella

Boisson gazeuse Italienne

  • Available in 4 flavors: Chinotto, Granita Orange, Granita Lemon and Sei Bella Rossio Amaro Bitter
  • Available in 1L bottle format or 355ml can format



Brown Gold

Premium Coffee

  • Brown Gold uses only the highest quality single origin coffee beans, from the finest coffee producing nations on the planet: Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia.
  • Coffee beans are roasted to unique roasting profiles designed to bring out only the true taste and essence of each origin.
  • A patented, fully enclosed RealCup Flavour Max Filter™ technology allows more natural oils and aroma to flow into the cup.





Alternative to Coffee and Tea

  • Caffeine free … naturally satisfying !
  • 100% natural, without caffeine, sugar, chemicals or preservatives
  • Caf-Lib offers a wide range of flavourful products to satisfy every taste
  • Caffeine-free Herbal Teas, Original and Earl Grey




Coco Colada

Exotic Beverages

  • Upscale products to remind you of a day at the beach in the tropics!
  • Cream of Coconut, Pina Colada and Coconut Water will definitely please anyone looking for an exotic taste destination



Higgins & Burke

Premium Tea

  • Higgins and Burke takes great pride in their responsibility to protect the tea workers, have respect for the land and deliver the best quality tea possible.
  • Premium teas that meet or exceed the standards of a variety of social programs.
  • Interesting flavor profiles in both sachet, RealCup™ or EcoCup™ Loose Leaf Tea format
  • Their patented, fully enclosed RealCup Flavour Max Filter™ technology allows more natural oils and aroma to flow into the cup.
  • The EcoCup™, exclusive to Higgins & Burke, is the first eco-conscious recyclable single-serve pod. Simply snap the lid and recyc




Marley Coffee

The quintessential cup of super-premium coffee

  • The only Organic Super Premium coffee offering in Single Serve!
  • Our patented, fully enclosed RealCup Flavour Max Filter™ technology allows more natural oils and aroma to flow into the cup.
  • Marley Coffee RealCup capsules let you embark on an aromatic and flavorful journey with each sip.
  • Small organic coffee farm focused on sustainable and ethical practices.




Nestle Milo

Chocolate Energy Drink Mix

  • MILO is a low-fat chocolate malt energy drink that's packed with essential vitamins and nutrients – plus it's rich in flavour, too. As a low glycemic index energy source, MILO provides slow-release energy for hours after you drink it. It's a great way to start your day !!





Alcohol-free Wines & Champagnes

  • St-Regis Reserve wines have all the taste and body of premium wine but delightfully alcohol-free.
  • Each St-Regis Reserve begins as a premium California varietal wine.
  • The alcohol is gently removed maintaining all the body and taste consumers expect.





Traditional and Herbal Tea Selection

  • The Stash Tea company offers a complete line of specialty teas
  • Traditional black teas, flavored and spiced teas, green teas, white teas, herbal infusions and organic teas
  • Stash Teas are all hand-crafted from the finest natural ingredients, and blended in small batches




Tealia Teas

Premium Artisan Teas

  • Tealia brings you the finest tea blends form around the worlds. Each ingredient is hand selected to create teas that are both delicious and beautiful, as you watch them brew. For our classic Ceylon Black Tea to our whimsical Raspberry Truffle, we believe a simple cup of tea is the first step in a sweet journey of relaxation.




The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer Co.

Spicy Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer

  • With origins rooted in England, Gingerbeer was very popular in the mid 1700s
  • Distinct, spicy ginger taste with notes of citrus give these products a truly refreshing zest
  • This non-alcoholic beverage is a unique taste experience for the whole family
  • Naturally flavoured with dry ginger root extract, Ginger beer is excellent on its own, served cold, or on ice.
  • It also gives a bright, spicy kick to mixed drinks!
  • Try it with beer to make a delicious SHANDY, with dark rum for a PERFECT STORM or with vodka for a MOSCOW MULE.




Infuzed Water

  • Inspired by tradition, Zpirit Water is naturally infused with real herbs and delicious fruit
  • Healthy, convenient, and refreshing hydration
  • Each 300mL bottle contains only 30 calories and 5 grams of sugar
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives





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