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Cider Vinegar

  • Avant-garde, innovative Quebec based company
  • 100% natural cider vinegar, not filtered or pasteurized
  • SIAL Silver Medal Winner at launch




Annie Chun’s

Asian Prepared Meals

  • Healthy, authentic Asian products
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Modern innovative company
  • Award winning products are distributed throughout North America




Aroma Del Mediterraneo

Fine Mediterranean Products

  • A range of premium products inspired by magnificent flavours from the Mediterranean
  • Nuts and Peanuts are not present in manufacturing facilities
  • Other than wheat, products contain Soy and Flax seeds




Coffee from Africa

  • From Farm to Cup




Specialty Biscuits

  • A baking tradition since 1889
  • Bahlsen is Germany's largest baker of traditional European style biscuits and cookies
  • All Bahlsen biscuits are baked without hydrogenated oils and contain 0% trans fats




Beghin Say

Pure Cane Sugar

  • Le Blonvilliers Sugar : 100% Pure Golden Cane Sugar
  • La Perruche: Pure Cane Rough Cut Cube




Blue Dragon

Asian Innovations

  • Blue Dragon, named after the Chinese symbol of Good Fortune, created over 30 years ago
  • Authentic Pan Asian brand offers Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese meal solutions
  • Combining convenience with authenticity, quality with innovation and expertise with choice




Brio Sei Bella

Boisson gazeuse Italienne

  • Available in 4 flavors: Chinotto, Granita Orange, Granita Lemon and Sei Bella Rossio Amaro Bitter
  • Available in 1L bottle format or 355ml can format



Brown Gold

Premium Coffee

  • Brown Gold uses only the highest quality single origin coffee beans, from the finest coffee producing nations on the planet: Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia.
  • Coffee beans are roasted to unique roasting profiles designed to bring out only the true taste and essence of each origin.
  • A patented, fully enclosed RealCup Flavour Max Filter™ technology allows more natural oils and aroma to flow into the cup.





Alternative to Coffee and Tea

  • Caffeine free … naturally satisfying !
  • 100% natural, without caffeine, sugar, chemicals or preservatives
  • Caf-Lib offers a wide range of flavourful products to satisfy every taste
  • Caffeine-free Herbal Teas, Original and Earl Grey




Camp Coffee

Coffee and Chicory Essence

  • A thick, black coffee syrup from Scotland
  • For delicious Iced Coffee without leaving home, add one or two tablespoons of Camp Coffee to a chilled glass of milk.
  • For Cocktails, add ice cubes, a dash of Rum or your favorite Liqueur to chilled milk



Cape Cod

Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

  • In business for over 25 years
  • Cape Cod potato chips provide all-natural goodness and fresh flavors with their hand-stirred kettle-cooked chips





BBQ sauces & seasonings

  • Our 25 time International award winning barbecue sauce are perfect as a marinade, BBQ rub, or barbecue glaze for steaks, beef, pork, ribs, chicken and seafood. Our satisfied customers say it best: the magical mix of flavor, texture, heat, and versatility will keep you coming back for more of the Best BBQ sauce in the World !
  • CattleBoyZ sauces use only the finest all-natural ingredients to create a sweet, tangy barbecue sauce with a spicy kick
  • All of our sauces and seasonings are gluten free
  • CattleBoyZ tastes great on vegetables too and our BBQ sauces do not contain additives




Château Thierry

Drink Mixes and Cooking Wines

  • Exotic range of cocktail bases and syrups
  • Easy to use, they enhance your soft drinks or bar choices
  • Martini Splash, Mojito Splash, Bar-Mix Splash, Sangria Splash, Menthe Splash and Grenadine Splash
  • Red, White and Sherry Cooking Wines (Not available in Quebec)
  • Visit our website for more original recipes




Christopher Ranch


  • Christopher Ranch has been in the business of growing heirloom-seed garlic locally at their farm in Gilroy, California for more than 50 years
  • Christopher Ranch products contain only the highest quality, most flavorful, robust garlic available on the market today




Coco Colada

Exotic Beverages

  • Upscale products to remind you of a day at the beach in the tropics!
  • Cream of Coconut, Pina Colada and Coconut Water will definitely please anyone looking for an exotic taste destination



Colavita Olive Oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • The Colavita family have became masters over the years at the delicate craft of "tasting" and "blending"
  • Authentic Extra Virgin Oils from different types of Olives grown in Apulia and nearby regions




Colavita Pasta

Pasta Products

  • A family tradition from the fields of Molise
  • Made from 100% Italian Durum Wheat
  • Fundamental components of the Mediterranean diet available in a variety of cuts for all your favorite dishes




Colavita Vinegar


  • Vinegars with sweet, fruity flavors of Trebbiano grapes
  • In addition to Salad Dressings, try adding Colavita Vinegars to slow-cooked foods like Soups or Beans
  • Use as a deglazing liquid






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Crosse & Blackwell

British Gourmet Sauces and Chutneys

  • Crosse and Blackwell has offered premium gourmet specialities from Great Britain for over 300 years
  • Crosse and Blackwell products reflect a sampling of England’s great culinary influences
  • Exotic flavors, textures and aromas of the world’s most interesting cuisines
  • Traditional Indian favorites such as Chutneys
  • Pub favorites include Fish & Chip Vinegar and Chow Chow Piccalilli and Mint Sauce





Canned Vegetables

  • High quality products from France
  • Company that respects the environment




Delverde; Authentic Italian Pasta

  • Made with the finest ingredients; best durum wheat and spring water from the Majella Mountain
  • manufactured with old-fashioned techniques, using classic bronze dies and slow drying process.
  • Buon Apetito !





Authentic Chinese Noodles

  • Canadian family business since 1950
  • High quality and great tasting authentic chinese noodles.
  • Add to Soups, Stir Frys or Snacks



Gogo Squeez

Fruit applesauce

  • Fruit applesauce in re-sealable pouches
  • 100% fruit, no added sugar
  • 1 pouch = 1 fruit
  • No preservative, no colorant
  • Nut free & gluten free




Rice Vermicelli

  • Asian inspired products
  • Offers many culinary opportunities
  • Perfect for soups, imperial rolls, salads and sautés



Higgins & Burke

Premium Tea

  • Higgins and Burke takes great pride in their responsibility to protect the tea workers, have respect for the land and deliver the best quality tea possible.
  • Premium teas that meet or exceed the standards of a variety of social programs.
  • Interesting flavor profiles in both sachet, RealCup™ or EcoCup™ Loose Leaf Tea format
  • Their patented, fully enclosed RealCup Flavour Max Filter™ technology allows more natural oils and aroma to flow into the cup.
  • The EcoCup™, exclusive to Higgins & Burke, is the first eco-conscious recyclable single-serve pod. Simply snap the lid and recyc




Jules Destrooper

Authentic Belgian Biscuits

  • Distinctive, high quality biscuits made with the best ingredients, following passion, tradition and authentic recipes.
  • Unique products: only 100% natural ingredients are used
  • Jules Destrooper biscuits, manufactured in Belgium since 1886.




Kelp Caviar

Seaweed based caviar pearls

  • 0 Calorie, 0 Cholesterol
  • No artificial coloring, No artificial flavoring
  • 100% Natural, 100% Vegetarian





Premium Stevia Extract

  • Premium sugar-free products made with natural ingredients such as stevia, erythritol and inulin
  • Not genetically modified, minimally processed
  • Make your food and beverages taste sweeter and better naturally





Specialty Fruits, Vegetables and Fish

  • The M'Lord brand was launched in 1969
  • More than 20 of the highest quality gourmet products
  • In Québec, the popularity of the M'Lord brand is unchallenged with over 75 listings in all major accounts




The classic meal enhancer

  • MAGGI adds flavour to whatever you're cooking in your kitchen – stews, soups, gravy, vegetables, stir-frys, and even salads.
  • A world of flavour in your pantry





Dijon Mustard

  • Maille has been recognized for its know-how, refinement and elegance for over 260 years
  • Synonymous with passion and gastronomy
  • Maille offers a variety of refined mustards, vinegars, marinades and sauces




Marley Coffee

The quintessential cup of super-premium coffee

  • The only Organic Super Premium coffee offering in Single Serve!
  • Our patented, fully enclosed RealCup Flavour Max Filter™ technology allows more natural oils and aroma to flow into the cup.
  • Marley Coffee RealCup capsules let you embark on an aromatic and flavorful journey with each sip.
  • Small organic coffee farm focused on sustainable and ethical practices.





Yeast Extract

  • It's because we add a special vitamin blend to Marmite, enhancing the naturally nutritious yeast that's already there, that you can be sure Marmite's good for you.





Meaux Pommery Mustard

  • The recipe for POMMERY® MOUTARDE DE MEAUX® has its origins steeped in the purest tradition of centuries passed
  • Distributed in almost 30 countries
  • Fine mustards carefully crafted using knowledge resulting from years of tradition





Traditional Morrocan Sauces

  • Made with simple, natural and gluten-free ingredients, without GMO or trans fat.
  • Perfect for all types of meals: meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs, rice, pasta, soups, sandwiches or as dip or spread.





Balsamic Vinegar

  • Balsamic Vinegar of Modena since 1912
  • Monari is the world leader of Balsamic Vinegar
  • Traditional and technological advancement, the fruit of our generation
  • Best value per quality on the market





Vinaigrettes, Marinades & Condiments, Seasonings

  • A unique South African Spicy Fruit condiment
  • Mrs. H. S. Balls signifies the “taste of Home” to all South Africans
  • Mrs. H. S. Ball’s is over 100 years old and is still going strong as South Africa’s leading chutney
  • Mrs. H. S. Ball’s is Kosher Certified
  • Mrs. H. S. Ball’s is Halal Certified





PERi-PERi sauces you can splash, drizzle and dip to your heart’s content.

  • One of the world’s leading fast casual restaurant brands and suppliers of PERi-PERi sauces and products, with sales of over US$ 1.5B from 1150 restaurants across 25 countries. Our secret ingredient is the African bird’s eye. We add this fiery little number to a secret blend of herbs and spices, sun-ripened tomatoes, lemons, a touch of garlic and a dash of passion, to create the totally unique (some say, addictive) taste of Nando’s PERi-PERi sauces. Delicious with almost anything, Nando's range of PERi-PERi sauces combine flavour with varying degrees of heat that will satisfy the flavour profile from a PERi-PERi beginner to a fiery heat seeker. There is something in our range for all PERi-PERi fanatics!




Nestle Milo

Chocolate Energy Drink Mix

  • MILO is a low-fat chocolate malt energy drink that's packed with essential vitamins and nutrients – plus it's rich in flavour, too. As a low glycemic index energy source, MILO provides slow-release energy for hours after you drink it. It's a great way to start your day !!




New York Style

Deli Snacks

  • Premium deli snacks
  • Famous for their authenticity, quality and great taste
  • Perfect for special entertaining occasions or as a "healthier-for-you" snack right out of the bag






  • Odense has decorated your desserts with easy to use candy dough since 1909
  • Helpful tips and ideas to make your cakes stand out in a crowd
  • "Bake with the Best"





To add a delicious vegetable taste to your favourite recipes, soups and sauces

  • Spices for rice
  • Broth




Authentic Indian Sauces and Pastes

  • Discover the flavours of India - Patak's is authentic Indian food made easy, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home
  • Authentic
  • Convenient
  • Exceptional quality
  • Market Leader in Indian Sauces in Canada





Swedish Toast

  • Pågen is a modern bakery with a proud tradition, founded in 1987
  • Pågen Swedish toasts are available in more than 40 countries worldwide
  • Crunchy delicious long-lasting specialty breads with healthy properties





Shower gels & herbal baths

  • Our bubble baths, bath salts, shower gels, spa treatments and even shower smoothies are all formulated to soothe the body and pamper the skin. We think people with busy lives deserve a little me-time therapy...




Riso Bello

100% Italian Rice

  • Product of Italy
  • Just add water, ready in 12 minutes
  • No MSG / artificial colors or preservatives / trans fat




Fine Chocolates

  • Rochef fine chocolates are passionately fabricated in Quebec's Outaouais region since 2009.
  • Fine chocolates made with eight cocoas from around the world.
  • Chocolatier from Quebec, Canada, Roch Fournier received numerous awards.





Tamari Products

  • San-J is renowned for its premium Tamari as well as a variety of high quality Japanese Salad Dressings and Asian Cooking Sauces.
  • San-J products are made using traditional brewing methods handed down through eight generations and 200 years of existence





Crispy Cups

  • For the ultimate hors-d'oeuvres and desserts
  • These extra ordinary thin and crisp croustades are perfect for creating endless varieties of fancy looking bites





The Kale and Quinoa chips for the health-conscious consumer.

  • 100% vegan kale chips
  • Excellent source of Vitamin, A, K, C and antioxidants
  • Flavours: Dill, Olive oil and Lemon, Sea Salt
  • The only chips having quinoa flour as its first ingredient
  • Flavours: Sea Salt, Cheddar, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion
  • All chips are gluten free, without preservations, articifial colouring or flavours, trans fat and cholesterol free




Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

Crunch’em. Crack-em. Dip’em. Stack’em™.

  • Pretzel Crisps® are a modern twist on an old favourite.
  • Flavours: Original, Garlic and Parmesan, Everything
  • They’re the best part of the pretzel, all of the flavour and crunch you love but lighter, crispier and more versatile!
  • Whether you like them plain, dipped, or paired with your favourite toppings, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this wholesome snack.






  • Biscuit producer’s know-how since 1905
  • A French family company and team
  • A brand concerned by the health of its consumers and the environment respect
  • Short list of ingredients
  • No use of coloring and preservative





Alcohol-free Wines & Champagnes

  • St-Regis Reserve wines have all the taste and body of premium wine but delightfully alcohol-free.
  • Each St-Regis Reserve begins as a premium California varietal wine.
  • The alcohol is gently removed maintaining all the body and taste consumers expect.





Traditional and Herbal Tea Selection

  • The Stash Tea company offers a complete line of specialty teas
  • Traditional black teas, flavored and spiced teas, green teas, white teas, herbal infusions and organic teas
  • Stash Teas are all hand-crafted from the finest natural ingredients, and blended in small batches





Healthy Alternative to Sugar

  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Sugaresque is very different from sweeteners that are artificially produced using a chemical process
  • Looks like sugar, feels like sugar, bakes and tastes like sugar without calories





A little Dash. A lot of flavor.

  • Founded in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana, still family owned & operated
  • Labeled in 22 languages, sold in over 180 countries, put on restaurant tables around the globe
  • The most famous, most preferred pepper sauce in the world
  • 6 Flavours of deliciousness, from mild to wild, there’s something for everyone

Tealia Teas

Premium Artisan Teas

  • Tealia brings you the finest tea blends form around the worlds. Each ingredient is hand selected to create teas that are both delicious and beautiful, as you watch them brew. For our classic Ceylon Black Tea to our whimsical Raspberry Truffle, we believe a simple cup of tea is the first step in a sweet journey of relaxation.




The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer Co.

Spicy Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer

  • With origins rooted in England, Gingerbeer was very popular in the mid 1700s
  • Distinct, spicy ginger taste with notes of citrus give these products a truly refreshing zest
  • This non-alcoholic beverage is a unique taste experience for the whole family
  • Naturally flavoured with dry ginger root extract, Ginger beer is excellent on its own, served cold, or on ice.
  • It also gives a bright, spicy kick to mixed drinks!
  • Try it with beer to make a delicious SHANDY, with dark rum for a PERFECT STORM or with vodka for a MOSCOW MULE.




Premium Couscous

  • Tipiak is the # 1 Couscous from France.
  • Made from premium Durum Wheat.
  • This traditional dish of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia has become extremely poplular in Europe and now, North America





Chestnut Products

  • Fine products imported from France
  • Chestnut Cream with Vanilla, essential for pastries
  • Chestnut Puree serving suggestion, heat, add cream, pepper and serve as vegetable





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Japanese Vinaigrette

  • No color or artificial flavors
  • No trans fats, low to no cholesterol, low in saturated fat
  • Source of Omega-3
  • Health Check™ (Canadian heart and Stroke Foundation)
  • Gluten Free and Vegan (Ginger Carrot)
  • Kosher






  • The crispbread was developed in the 15th century. Originally from the Nordic countries in Sweden, where rye was the main crop.
  • Wasa, a Swedish company, is the world's largest producer of crispbread, Scandinavian style.





Fine biscuits

  • Baked fine cookies in Trimbach in Swiss since 1905
  • We guarantee to use only wholesome raw ingredients and the finest Swiss chocolate.




Wilkin & Sons Ltd

Fruit Growers and Preservers

  • The very first Tiptree conserves were made in England in 1885 and to this day, Wilkin still specializes in fruit growing on the Tiptree estate
  • Over a hundred years experience
  • Wilkin & Sons own almost 1,000 acres of farmland in and around the village of Tiptree
  • Every single fruit is hand sorted and only the very best is used in every Wilkin product





Infuzed Water

  • Inspired by tradition, Zpirit Water is naturally infused with real herbs and delicious fruit
  • Healthy, convenient, and refreshing hydration
  • Each 300mL bottle contains only 30 calories and 5 grams of sugar
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives





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