The I-D Pad


I-D Foods uses the latest technologies to optimize the supply chain while maintaining control at every level.

Our representatives have tablet computers to manage orders and inventory in-store. These orders are transmitted directly to our distribution centers in Canada. The software was developed specifically for I-D Foods by ID-IT Inc. (

The I-D Foods system is integrated with the register of Canadian products, EccNet, supporting the exchange of standardized information.

Our warehouses use UPC and EAN barcodes along with radio frequencies to ensure perfect stock rotation and tight inventory control.

The I-D Pad shows SRP and special prices offered to different accounts Merchandising information available for the different stores Access to 1 year sales history for every product in every store Access to incoming purchase order (P.O) and estimated date of arrival (ETA) Access to product description and other information Contains pictures of every SKU in each brand

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