Margin Revenu Analyst

Laval, Québec

You have a strong analytical profile? You are a good negotiator, have great interpersonal skills and are results oriented? You have a strong financial background? You are organized and focused?

This role may be just for you!

Reporting to the CFO, the Margin Revenue Analyst is a key member of the Finance team. He ensures all possible revenues streams are identified and maximized, and analyzes and drives to recoup commercial-related charges to the Company from retailer and supplier with the objective of protecting the Company’s revenues/profitability.


  • Ensure that all trade investments are charged back to suppliers in a timely manner in accordance with the transactional model; Promotional activities, merchandising activities, listing fees, specific inside trade programs, sales incentives, etc.
  • Ensure that all marketing investments are charged back to the suppliers in a timely manner in accordance with the transactional model; Samples & free goods, marketing agencies, medias, magazines, couponing, demos, etc.
  • Ensure that all other marketing and promotional expenses are charged back to the suppliers in a timely manner in accordance to the transactional model; GS1, Retailer’s portal access, recycling charges, admin fees, programs, margin rec, display building, product conditioning, liquidation, etc.
  • Ensure that all customer’s deduction / charges are managed, and controlled and challenged if not justified at the account level, or if justified and chargeable, they are charged back to suppliers in a timely manner; Non-compliance charges, fill rate fines, recall costs and fees, pricing audits, etc.
  • Ensure that all mixed suppliers-related non-compliance charges are charges back with the proper back up documentation; lots, damaged goods, demurrage, infested products, product destruction, etc.
  • Develop policy manual of potential charges to suppliers for any and all additional work done on behalf of suppliers in operations/marketing/sales, etc. that are not currently provided for in suppliers contracts
  • Review and challenge validity of chargeback expenses identified by Brand Manager as “no charge back”
  • Identify and follow up with Key Account Managers all retailer deductions with the objective of challenging the deductions (promos, post audits, etc.) in order to 1) get retailer to reverse the charge or 2) charged back to supplier
  • Work in collaboration with warehouse operations to identify and follow up transport damages/late appointments/missing POD, etc, retailer non-compliance fines, improper supplier labels/damages/dating/mixed lot codes to 1) getting the customer to reverse the charge or 2) charged back to supplier
  • Ensure that the whole cycle-all revenue is identified, debit note created, booked in accounting and charged back is complete
  • Control and report on individual brand’s KPIs such as; sales, gross margin, net margins, advertising expenses, inventory, liquidation, etc. through a Financial Review process held every two months


  • Strong analytical skills, focused on problem solving and results-oriented while working with tight deadlines
  • Excellent negotiator with strong interpersonal skills
  • Good knowledge and understanding of accounting principles
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken, in English and French
  • Ability to learn and quickly use new technologies and software
  • SAP ERP experience an asset
  • Professional attitude that builds and maintains relationships with suppliers, customers, and other departments within the company
  • Autonomy and ability to work with different teams
  • CPG experience definite asset

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